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Model Boats for sale
Visit our marketplace to see new model boats that have recently been added for sale. Get more information here.

2018 GMBC Christmas Regatta
On Sunday 09 December at Emmarentia, GMBC was joined by a number of visitors from other clubs, some from as far afield as Witbank! The fleet of 18 boats included IOMs, SeaWinds, DF95s, Hurricane and an RC Laser. It was a great way to finish off a very successful year before the holiday season kicked in. Get full results here.

Annual General Meeting
Our Annual General Meeting took place at Rusty Hook in Honeydew on 2 December. Congratulations to the many winners of the trophies and prizes! After the formalities and festivities we took to the water for a few hours of fun sailing at a great venue. See pictures from the prize giving here.

GMBC Third Annual Exhibition Day
The third annual Gauteng Model Boat Club took place at the Emmarentia Sailing Club on Sunday, 28th October 2018. After very good coverage in many local and national newspapers, as well as on TV, a large crowd gathered at the water's edge on a glorious, sunny, Highveld summer's day to drool over the immaculate scale models and watched them performing on the water. Get more on this story here.

Graupner Wiesel Rebuild
I have the Graupner Wiesel boat which was given to me when I was about 10 by a family friend. It has gone through various incarnations of colour scheme and propulsion. Last year, I decided to do a proper refurbishment. Get the full story here.

Summary of Work done for Howard Johnson
Howard is a long-time member and supporter of the Gauteng Model Boat Club. Alas, like many of us, he has boats gathering dust in the garage and needed help in making them seaworthy again. I gladly agreed to help and I am going to explain briefly what I did and why. Get the full story here.

Adding Buoyancy to RC Yachts
SeaWinds (and most RC yachts) do not have any positive buoyancy. If enough water gets into the hull the ballast at the bottom of the keel will pull the boat under water and it will be gone in seconds, never to be seen again. But it's quite easy to make your boat survive such an accident by adding buoyancy. Read more here...

The Footy Class
The Footy class of radio-controlled model sailing boat is for boats one foot long (+/-250mm) and because it is an 'open' class there is scope for a very wide range of designs and experimentation. The boats can be made at home using very basic materials. Get more information here.

GMBC Annual Exhibition Day
On Sunday 24th June, members of the Gauteng Model Boat Club, which was established in the mid-sixties and is currently undergoing a strong revival, displayed their boats and boating skills to the public in an open exhibition in which the public was invited to participate. Get more information here.

Club 500 Racing
The Club 500 guys sure know how to enjoy themselves! On Saturday 25 March we had all six of the current fleet battling it out on what is a mix of tricky, fast and slow technically-difficult track layouts as used in racing this class worldwide (M-shaped layout). Get more information here.

Gauteng Model Boat Club Launches Club 500 Racing
GMBC has successfully introduced the world-renowned Club 500 class of electric racing model speedboats to our meetings. Get more information here

Video clip shot from a drone
Visit our gallery page to see video of sailboat racing at Rusty Hook shot from a drone. 
Photo gallery.

Photo Gallery
Have a look at some great pictures taken at our September meeting. Photo gallery.

A Simple Smoke Generator
Here is a simple design for a smoke generator that you could build from parts you probably already have, or can easily source. Get the details here.

Basic Rules of Yacht Racing
No games are played without rules, and knowing the basic ones will keep everybody happy on the water. Get the basic rules here... 

A History of Emmarentia Dam
Emmarentia Dam is one of the recreation hot spots of greater Johannesburg. Thousands of people relax there every weekend but how many know its history? We certainly didn't until we stumbled across the following description compiled by the Johannesburg 100 committee in the archives...  Get the full report here...

Some Great Videos
21 May 2015
Check out some very good videos uploaded by Peter on our Gallery page.


Photos and Videos

See pictures and videos of our racing and scale sailboats, and electric and steam scale model boats here.


Next Meeting of the Gauteng Model Boat Club

The GMBC meets at Emmarentia Dam, Johannesburg, twice a month on the second Saturday and the last Sunday of every month from 13h00 to 16h00.

See our calendar of meetings and events here.

Get details of our location here.


More About the Gauteng Model Boat Club

The GMBC caters for remote control model yachts and electric and steam power boats. Read more here.



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