Club 500 Racing

Saturday 25 March 2017

The Club 500 guys sure know how to enjoy themselves! On Saturday 25 March we had all six of the current fleet battling it out on what is a mix of tricky, fast and slow technically-difficult track layouts as used in racing this class worldwide (M-shaped layout).

The Club 500 boats are electric model speedboats produced in the UK in kit form and use a 40mm propeller and 550 motor. As a one-design class the focus is on close racing and the club has standardised the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) ratio plus the battery specifications.

On Saturday, we ran a total of four heats with two boats at a time to give everyone a nice dice against another driver. We then had a semi-final of four boats, plus a grand final and everyone did extremely well. The heats are three minutes long with an average lap time of 28 seconds, and as the clock ticks down the pressure mounts. The smallest mistake can easily cost you 10 seconds and you're eliminated. We don't do 360 degree penalties as this causes chaos with boats going in the wrong direction at the mark. It was agreed you must just briefly "lift off" to be sporting and continue the race. There were lots of laughs and happy faces.

The Doctor's boat started playing up with wet plugs so only five remained at the end of the heats. Derek surprised us all with his turn of speed - he just needs to work on left and right rudder skills. Dave was driving Riff Raff as James was away and we should nickname him "Shakes" as the pressure of racing got to his normally steady hand. 

The name of the game in Club 500s is to have adrenaline fun, avoid colliding and get home first without being a bad sport. We sure have this spirit!

Looking over the fun-orientated results it reads like this for overall positions: 

  • 6th Mad Max - Andreas 

  • 5th QuickSilver - Bruce 

  • 4th Kilroy - Derek 

  • 3rd Riff Raff - Dave 

  • 2nd Hooligan 3 wins - Peter 

  • 1st Gas Monkey 3 wins - Sameer 

Therefore Sameer wins the day according to rule No.1. (The writer has no idea what rule No.1 is, but the results stand).

Another three boats are currently under construction, with a further two kits available from the club should you wish to get into this discipline of the hobby. Please contact Andreas to find out more.

The racing is close and we are getting better with our skills, the youngster showing us all how to do it! 

A great day's racing at GMBC

Bruce T



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