Gauteng Model Boat Club - Third Annual Exhibition Day

28 October 2018

The third annual Gauteng Model Boat Club took place at the Emmarentia Sailing Club on Sunday, 28th October 2018. 

After very good coverage in many local and national newspapers, as well as on TV, a large crowd gathered at the water's edge on a glorious, sunny, Highveld summer's day to drool over the immaculate scale models and watched them performing on the water.

There was a variety of craft on display, including warships, tugs (with working fire pumps to spray and cool the sweltering crowd) and a fully-functional submarine that delighted the little boys by disappearing from view only to pop up back to the surface somewhere else. 

Alongside the harbour area, the radio-controlled yachts held a series of races to show the spectators how competitive this pastime is, and how skilled the skippers when manoeuvering their boats around each other while simultaneously strategising on how to outwit their rivals. There was a wide range of yachts from 40cm in length to well over a meter and many members of the public tried their hand at controlling the boats, with some becoming instant converts and eager to join the club.

Gauteng Model Boat Club (GMBC) is a bunch of enthusiastic miniature boat builders who will be more than willing to share their hobby with members of the public and there is smething for the whole family to enjoy in this eco-friendly outdoor activity. Learn more about the GMBC here.

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